Creamy Potato and Mushroom Lentil Soup

Cold winter nights call for something hearty and cozy like this Creamy Potato and Mushroom Lentil Soup.  Make it in the slow cooker for a quick, easy clean-up dinner!


We love that this simple soup packs a big veggie punch.  The natural textures of the potatoes and lentils add a creaminess to this oil-free, vegan recipe.

The whole foods in this recipe from Heather @ The Soulful Spoon provide nutrients like protein, magnesium, iron, potassium, B vitamins, Vitamin C, and fiber.  Plus, it's delicious and flavorful! 


Creamy Potato and Mushroom Lentil Soup

  • 2 small Russet potatoes or regular-sized Yukon Gold potatoes

  • ⅓ C lentils 

  • 2 stalks of celery, washed (preferably organic)

  • 1 pint of sliced button mushrooms, washed

  • ¼ an onion

  • 1 clove of garlic

  • 1 bay leaf

  • 1 tsp. each of oregano and black pepper

  • ½ tsp. each of rubbed sage, thyme, basil, and rosemary

  • 2 C of water

  • 2 C of no-salt-added or low-sodium vegetable broth

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