Farmer Direct Co-op Marks World Fair Trade Day (May 14) by Debuting 5 Packaged Legume & Oat Products at Whole Foods Market

All Organic, All Fair Trade, Farmer-Owned Co-op Expands from Bulk Bins to Store Shelves with 16 oz. Packs of Lentils, Peas, Beans and Rolled Oats

Regina, SK, Canada (May 10, 2016) – Farmer Direct Co-op – producers of organic bulk grains, beans, lentils and oilseeds for organic food manufacturers and retail bulk aisles, and the first 100% Farmer-Owned, 100% Domestic Fair Trade, 100% Organic Business in North America – is making a major expansion this week into U.S. grocery aisles with the debut of five new 16-oz. packaged legume and oat varieties at Whole Foods Markets nationwide.

Timed to World Fair Trade Day (May 14), the new Farmer Direct offerings at Whole Foods give consumers broader access to products from the first brand in North America that is farmer-owned, USDA Organic certified, and Domestic Fair Trade certified. The latter is a designation given to products that are produced only with certified fair trade ingredients and raw materials sourced from North American farmer co-ops or family farms in which all employees receive a living wage and are guaranteed a safe workplace free of discrimination.

The new, beautifully-packaged Farmer Direct Co-op products will be available in Whole Foods’ grains and dried goods aisles as 16 oz. packs of:

  • French Green Lentils
  • Split Green Peas
  • Pinto Beans
  • Quick Rolled Oats
  • Regular Rolled Oats

Farmer Direct Co-op was founded in 2002 by three Western Canadian organic grain, seed and legume growers seeking fair pricing, transparency and logistics for the food they produced. In subsequent years Farmer Direct steadily added member farmers working cooperatively to sell their crops to North American, European and Asian organic food manufacturers. Now with 60 farmers, the co-op in recent years expanded into the bulk bin aisles at natural food grocers in Canada and the U.S.

“It’s so meaningful to expand our products from the bulk aisle to the store shelves in conjunction with World Fair Trade Day,” said Jason Freeman, Farmer Direct Co-op marketing director and the coop’s founding manager. “Throughout the years, our co-op has consistently challenged and redefined what ‘fair farming’ and ‘domestic fair trade’ truly mean by being the first organization in North America to be certified to domestic fair trade standards in 2010. We not only practice these values, but also encourage others to adopt them. We created the ‘fairDeal’ to designate c o-ops and businesses that are only organic and always fair trade so mindful consumers will never have to choose between the two. We see the fairDeal as the evolution of farming, the combination of organic with fair trade certification plus farmer, worker or independent ownership. We are excited to bring this option to even more consumers with these new, healthy and nutritious products.”

MSRP for the new Farmer Direct Co-op products will range from $3.17 to $4.40 USD.

Available exclusively at Whole Foods Market.

For inspiration, recipes and more information, visit FarmerDirect.Coop, or follow on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Farmer Direct Co-op is a founding member of the Domestic Fair Trade Association. Farmer Direct Co-op is certified to domestic fair trade standards through the Agricultural Justice Project’s Food Justice Certification.

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Media Contact: Eric Davis,, 612.424.7545.