Interview with Organic Farmers Kevin Bristow and Anne Davis

In honor of Canada's National Organic Week, we wanted you to get to know our farmer-owners a bit better.  Kevin Bristow is the President of our Board.  He and his wife, Anne Davis, moved their family to Eastend, Saskatchewan, in 1997 to take over Anne’s family farm.  We sat down for a Q&A with the couple to learn more about Esperance Farm, and understand more about their decision to go organic. 

Q: What made you decide to turn your farm organic; why is it important to you?

A: Many reasons influenced our decision to become certified organic farmers. We were seeking an alternative to using pesticides and we wanted to be better stewards of the land - to put planet before profit.

Organic farming is so very important to us because of the value placed on protecting the environment.  Organic farming is not just about being free of pesticides, but because at it’s heart is healthy people and environment - it is also about the protection of wild areas, biodiversity & water, and, the improvement of the soil. Organic farming is far from perfect, and we have to keep learning and improving – but the fundamentals are right!

Q: What organic crops do you grow?

A: We grow wheat, barley, oats, durum, and lentils. We have cows and chickens and, of course, a garden. 

Q: What is your family's favorite way to prepare those crops in your home?

We find it tremendously gratifying and we are so grateful to be able to produce organic food for us and for so many others.  We love meals with everyone around the table... and its all food we grew!!  Our favorite crops would be lentils - in soups, curries, salads - and our hard red spring wheat ground for bread and baking.  

Q: Where do you see the future of farming? What do you hope for it? 

A: We hope that farming organically can have a positive impact for our future.  We are encouraged by the interest the consumers take in their food – Who produced it? How was it produced?  This is good!

From our farm to your table!

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