You’re buying more than a lentil, bean or pea…
You’re part of an EVOLUTION.

At Farmer Direct Co-op, we challenge our food system’s norms and continually redefine what “fair” and “sustainable” farming mean. We are pioneering positive change by treating FARMERS, FARM WORKERS and the LAND with respect.

100% Farmer-Owned Cooperative

means the highest integrity.
It means democratic, family farmer controlled. One farm, one vote.

100% fairDeal

means farmer-owned, certified organic and fair trade.
It means fair, living wages and safe working conditions for farm workers.

100% Organic Business

means organic is all we do.

By supporting our co-op, you become part of this beautiful evolution. 

Fair Deal Logo.JPG

The seal to represent this evolution toward a higher standard of holistic farm management — the combination of organic farming and fair trade certification — is called the fairDeal.


To be champions of fairly traded certified organic food.


To benefit our members as a cooperative that strives to market all members’ organic products while building and promoting a healthy environment and socially just food system.


Guided by our strongly held core values, Farmer Direct Cooperative is dedicated to the creation of a fair and just food system.  We pursue these goals with the highest integrity and respect.

Through our actions and activities we aim to:

  • Support, protect, and promote sustainable, organic agriculture and environmental practices.
  • Foster ethical and equitable relationships by providing fair return for producers' products; fair wages and safe and healthy workplaces for employees; and clear communication with all stakeholders.
  • Provide producers with an opportunity for cooperative ownership of their own food brand and marketing channels.
  • Provide safe, nutritious food for consumers.

Our History

Farmer Direct Cooperative was founded in 2002 by farmers who continually faced unfair pricing, poor logistics, and a lack of transparency when marketing their grain. They collaborated to build a cooperative that would allow them to sell their crops, which included flaxseed, lentils, hempseed and peas, in a fair and direct way.

The Canadian prairies have a strong cooperative history, particularly for farmers. For example, Farmer Direct Cooperative’s board president, Kevin Bristow, grew up watching his father run member services for a large conventional farmer co-op. To this deep history of cooperatives, Farmer Direct brings a unique commitment to three attributes:

  • 100% Farmer Owned
  • 100% Organic Business
  • 100% Domestic Fair Trade Certified

No other business of its kind boasts all three.


Organizing as a cooperative, farmer-owned business was a bit of a no-brainer for the farmers. The strong culture of cooperatives in the area laid the groundwork, so when the farmers decided to come together, they knew they wanted each member to have one vote regardless of the farm's size ("one farm, one vote"), open and voluntary membership, and a way to participate fairly in an economic endeavor. What other way than through a cooperative? Their board president summed up why he joined the co-op in this way: “I believe in cooperatives, I believe in fairness, I believe in transparency. Collectively we have more strength, more advantage, more opportunity.”

Certified Organic

All 60+ family farms that are member-owners of Farmer Direct Cooperative are fully organic. Most of them have been organic for a decade or more. None of FDC’s members are “split operations,” or farms that grow both conventional and organic products. The strong commitment to only selling organic products is one of the big draws that brings farmers into the cooperative.