From our 60+ farmer-owners, thank you for supporting Farmer Direct Co-op! We value our retail partnerships, and we are happy to offer a variety of package sizes for our fairDeal, organic grains, legumes and oilseeds to meet your needs. 

Please visit our Packaged and Bulk products pages to see all of our offerings and the available pack sizes for each item. 


Farmer Direct Co-op's fairDeal, organic products are available through the following distributors in Canada and the United States:

Ali-Monde Ltee, Quebec
CanaGreen Foods, Inc., British Columbia
Discovery Island Organics, British Columbia
Horizon Distributors, Ltd., Western Canada
JIVA Organics Mfg. & Dist. Inc., British Columbia
Left Coast Naturals, Western Canada
Lennie Ciglen Distribution, Inc., Ontario
Ontario Natural Food Co-op, Ontario
Persia Food Products Inc., Vancouver
Pure Grocer Distribution, Ontario

United States
Co-op Partners Warehouse, Midwest USA
Garden Spot Distributors, Inc., East Coast USA

Commodity Grain Sales: FTL & LTL

The following products are available in full truckloads and less-than-truckload quantities except where noted.
To order, please contact Jay Albers.

All products are certified organic and fair trade.
Brown Flaxseed
Milled Brown Flaxseed
Gold Flaxseed
Hulled Hempseed - LTL only
Large Green Lentils
French Green Lentils
Black (Beluga) Lentils
Whole Red Lentils
Split Red Lentils
Split Green Peas
Split Yellow Peas
Black Beans
Pinto Beans
Fava Beans
Hull-less Barley
Quick Rolled Oats
Regular Rolled Oats
Steel Cut Oats
Whole Oats
Hard Red Spring Wheat
Soft White Spring Wheat
Durum Wheat